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A fantastical apartment design

This next design is not actually in Ottawa - and I am not sure if it was ever built. It is an apartment complex design from a 1963 advertisement for LOF Glass.  It is just so unique that I wanted to share it. Enjoy!

A curious plan

In the Elmvale Acres/Urbandale area there are a few houses built by Economy Home Builders with a rather curious floor plan. While from the outside the houses look as though they are high ranches or raised bungalows, they are actually quite different inside. The main living spaces are on the lower level - which is halfway below grade. I am not sure why they were designed this way - but my guess it that it was economical, thus lowering the price of the house. Without a basement, the 4 bedroom design was comparatively less expensive then 4 bedroom bungalows or 2 storey houses. Without a basement, the furnace room and storage area are on the lower level. This particular house has had multiple additions built on to it. This may have been the original model home for the builder. Two examples of the plan in Urbandale. This design was included in the floor plan package, but I am not sure if this particular version of the 'Suburban' was built in Ottawa. Economy