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Happy Holidays!

Riverside Park West

As a follow up to my last post, now I will look at Riverside Park West. Campeau built similar plans to those in Riverside Park East in the area, but there are some new designs as well - some of which are quite modern (c. 1962): I absolutely love the facade of this house! My favourite features are the horizontal windows just below the roof between the rafters. I also appreciate the straightforward and practical floor plan - living spaces to the front, bedrooms to the back and the bathroom in the core. It appears that few with modern facade were actually built, but I found this one! On the plan the roof appears flat, but in reality there appears to be a shallow slope. The same plan, but with a hipped roof. This facade option proved more popular compared to the flat roof version and there are quite a few in the area - above and below. The reverse plan was also available with bedrooms at the front. This design also has a great modern facade wi