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The latest on Ottawa new home sales...from the mid-century

I have a collection of articles on mid-century Ottawa home building, but I was unsure how to post them in a way that made sense. I decided post them by theme - so here is the first batch. The articles are from National Builder and Canadian Building magazines about sales and marketing by various builders:    I am always curious to see how the sales volume from the mid-century compares to those today. These numbers seem very high for one builder! We can thank Campeau for helping in the "fight against juvenile delinquency" in the 1960s!  Buy a house...and get a dozen roses! I wish my monthly house payments were $95.00! That is a pretty fantastical bathroom! Does anyone know where this house is in Blackburn Hamlet? I hope they haven't renovated the bathroom...except for replacing the carpeted floor. I am curious as to what the lighted planter box with book shelves looked like.

The Chateliane Design Home 1966

In the 1960s Chatelaine magazine built a series of annual design homes in various Canadian cities to showcase trends and cutting-edge technology of the time. Robert Campeau often provided his input/expertise in the design and construction of these homes - even in the cases when the design home was not actually built in Ottawa. For instance, Campeau was involved in the 1965 design home, which was built in Bramalea, Ontario and Ste-Therese, Quebec. My other blog on Bramalea has that plan (at the bottom of the posting), and an article about Robert Campeau's involvement: ( Chatelaine Design Home 1965 ). The 1964 plan is also on my other blog, but it does not appear that Campeau was involved that year: ( Chatelaine Design Home 1964 ). The 1966 Ottawa design home was built in Playfair Park, on Playfair Drive. The design differs from the previous two years in that it could be reproduced en masse - or at least a version of the design. At the bottom of this post is the scaled-back ve