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Charmed by Chalmers

There is one mid-century modern builder in Ottawa that has always intrigued me, yet I do not know much about the company. The builder is Chalmers and they constructed a number of striking and unusual houses in Ottawa during the 1950s to 1970s. I do not have any floor plans or marketing materials by the builder, but I wanted to share a bit of what I know about Chalmers. I would love to hear from anyone who knows more about the builder and/or has floor plans for the houses! When I was a Realtor, I had a chance to visit a couple Chalmers-built houses. Inside, the designs usually centre on a very large living room, often with a vaulted exposed-beam ceiling. Large windows and prominent fireplaces are also characteristics of the designs. Even semi-detached designs built by Chalmers have striking interiors with these features.  Outside, Chalmers-built houses often have various textures, especially wood, and sometimes have dramatic roof-lines. In some cases the exterior may have a rus

New Year - New Changes!

This new year will bring some new (and improved) changes to this blog as well as my personal life. On a personal front, I have taken on the full-time position as the listing manager for the John King Team at Royal Lepage Team Realty. I have worked for John King in various roles (including Realtor) for 11 years and feel that working in the “back office” of real estate is where I belong. I will continue my regular blog posts on mid-century and 1970s modern housing in Ottawa, but I will also be adding new features and posts related to the real estate market. My connection to the real estate world will allow me to share insights on mid-century modern houses for sale in Ottawa.  I do not want this blog to become an ad for my real estate job, but I do want to let my readers know that I work with a great team of real estate professionals and we are available to help out with selling or buying  a mid-century or 1970s modern house. Feel free to contact me any time: Saul Svirplys