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Unbuilt Ottawa: The Smyth Road Competition

c. 1960, a design competition was held for lands owned by the CMHC. The project was never built, but today it is the location of the Ottawa Hospital campus. Below is an article about the competition:

Assaly homes

A little while ago I posted the Assaly Trend Home designs. While I was working on that post I realized that Assaly built a number of interesting and unique designs throughout their history. Below are all of the house designs that I have on file for Assaly that were not part of the "Trend Homes" collection. The Assaly Villas plans are published on an older post. An upcoming post will have the Assaly condominium tower floor plans. These designs were built in the early 1970s. I remember reading something a while ago about how the Assaly development in Lincoln Heights was supposed to be larger...but for some reason the buildout was not as large as planned. I am missing the semi-detached plans from Lincoln if any of my readers has them, I would love to share! The plans above are a variation of the quatroplex designs built by Assaly in various locations throughout the city.