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The small Post-War 1 1/2-Storey House - Part Two

The small Post-War 1  1/2-Storey House - Part Two Subsequent to my previous post:  The small Post-War 1 1/2-Storey House - Part One , I felt that I needed a follow-up to share more information that I have come across and to share some additional floor plans. Carleton Heights Co-op homes: Image taken from the NFB Eve Witness no. 40 video in the link below. During the early 1950s a group of families worked as a co-operative to pool their resources and labour to built 29 small 1  1/2-storey houses in the Carleton Heights neighbourhood. From what I can tell, they were built on Argue Drive near Goodwin Avenue. Additions have been built onto a number of houses and even full-height second floors. In more recent years a number of the houses have been torn down and replaced with much larger houses, something that is becoming more common in that neighbourhood. Here is a link to a NFB video on the project (it starts at the 7:20 mark in the video):  Eye Witness no. 40 Some More Layout Variations:

The small Post-War 1 1/2-Storey House - Part One

 The small Post-War 1  1/2-Storey House The 1  1/2-storey house is common in certain areas of Ottawa built during WWII and the era immediately afterwards. These houses can be found throughout the city, but larger concentrations include the following areas: Carlington, Courtland Park, Carleton Heights, Meadowlands/St. Claire Gardens, Alta Vista, Overbrook, Eastview, Vanier, Elmvale Acres and Queensway Terrace.  The 1  1/2-storey house actually has older roots in European architecture and early North American housing. The style was re-born by Wartime Housing Limited during WWII to fill a need during a housing shortage and were meant to be temporary. The design is economical to build, versus a full 2-storey house, and in some cases the second floor can be left unfinished for future expansion. Here is a link to a NFB short film on the wartime houses:  Wartime Housing   Below are the 3 basic plans Wartime Housing Limited built in communities across Canada - one of which was a 1  1/2-storey