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Early Campeau in Elmvale Acres and Bel-Air Park

An  Early Campeau brochure from Elmvale Acres and Bel-Air Park When:  Elmvale Acres was built c.1955-1962 and Bel-Air Park built c.1955-1960. Where:  Elmvale Acres is often considered to be within the area bound by Smyth Road, Othello Avenue, Pleasant Park Drive and the hydro corridor to the west. The map in the brochure below also includes a pocket north of Smyth Road as well as an area further north and west of Russell Road (sometimes this area is considered part of Riverview Park). The boundary of Bel-Air Park is more clear and is located south of the Queensway, east of Woodroffe Avenue, with Field Street to the east and south. What I Know:  Below is one of the earliest Campeau brochures that I have. I am not completely certain of the date, but the brochure mentions that the Elmvale Acres shopping centre was to be built in 1958. Construction of the Elmvale Acres began in 1955 and the brochure suggests that construction was well under way for that neighbourhood, so my educated