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Campeau's Cluster Homes

  Campeau's Cluster Homes A special thank you to a reader for inspiring me to write this post and for sending me the old photo above and ad below from the Ottawa Citizen. When:  Built as rentals in the late 1960s and early 1970s, then converted to for-purchase houses in the 1990s. Where:  Leslie Park: along Monterey Drive, Costello Avenue and Baseline Road; Redwood Park: along Cornell Street, Draper Avenue and Morrison Drive; Riverside Park South: along Provost Drive and Walkley Road. Here is a map I created showing the areas where these houses are located: What I Know:  The houses in Leslie Park along Baseline Road and Monterey Drive are the most traditional in style, while the houses along Costello Avenue are slightly different from the others in exterior design sporting more contemporary-inspired facades. Different colours, textures/materials and window composition gives the facade of each