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Economy Home Builders/Capital Homes

During the 1950 and 1960s Economy Home Builders constructed houses in a number of areas in the city including Elmvale Acres, Urbandale Acres and Queenswood Heights, some under the Capital Homes banner (more on that below). Below is one of the builder's brochures. I do not know the date, but it appears to be from the late 1950s.  The Ottawa Citizen, November 11, 1958, page 43. The Ottawa Citizen, August 26, 1961, page 9. The Ottawa Citizen, January 6, 1962, page 12. The Ottawa Citizen, March 17, 1962, page 10. Around 1962 Economy Homes was a part of a merger to create Capital Building Industries a company that constructed houses in various Canadian cities from the same plans. The Ottawa Citizen, June 2, 1962, page 9. The Ottawa Citizen, June 23, 1962, page 8. The Ottawa Citizen, October 20, 1962, page 9.