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Manordale - Part 1: the early years

  The Manordale neighbourhood in Nepean is located between Greenbank and Woodroffe, north of West Hunt Club.  It was one of the first planned neighbourhoods in Nepean and begun in the late 1950s. The area was marketed under a few different names: Manordale Heights, Manordale Villa and Manordale.  There were 4 main builders who constructed the houses in the original area: Dale Construction, Kirk Builders, MacDonald Construction and Skead Brothers. I do not have all of the floor plans, but I have been able to cobble together a number of the plans by each builder. Below are a series of newspaper articles and ads, plus the floor plans that I have on file. If you have any plans or brochures for Manordale please let me know as I would love to share them! The Ottawa Citizen. October 30, 1958 The Ottawa Journal. October 30, 1958 The Ottawa Citizen. September 11, 1958 The Ottawa Citizen. November 5, 1958 The Ottawa Citizen. March 13, 1959 The Ottawa Journal. April 22, 1959 The Ottawa Journal. J