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MacDonald Homes in the 1960s

Douglas MacDonald Homes, also known as MacDonald Homes, was a significant builder in Ottawa during the mid-20th century.  During this time the builder constructed homes in the following neighbourhoods: Manordale (see  Manordale Part 1 ) Crestview Crestview West Lakeview Long Island (Manotick) Merivale on the Green Glen Cairn (see  Glen Cairn ) Alta Vista/Riverview Woodvale Beacon Hill Arlington Woods Below is just a tiny sampling of their advertisements between 1960-1970: The Ottawa Citizen, January 13, 1961 The Ottawa Journal, September 15, 1961 The Ottawa Citizen, December 1, 1961 The Ottawa Citizen, March 8, 1962 The Ottawa Journal, September 8, 1962 The Ottawa Citizen, March 2, 1963 The Ottawa Journal, July 9, 1963 The Ottawa Citizen, September 7, 1965 The Ottawa Citizen, August 19, 1967 The Ottawa Journal, May 3 1969 The Ottawa Citizen, September 9, 1970 Unfortunately, I do not have any of their early brochures, aside from Glen Cairn, but fortunately the company included floor pla