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Dormers? Mid-century...perhaps...modern...not so much.

While the mid-century saw many modern-style houses constructed, many Ottawa builders had at least one design in their portfolio with traditional dormers windows.
I have to say that I have always been fond of dormer windows. My first apartment was on the top floor of a 3 storey walk-up and had dormers in all of the rooms. Also, my first house also had a dormer window in the master bedroom. There is something very cosy about a room with slanted ceilings.
Aesthetically, a house with dormers has a lower profile in comparison to a two-storey facade, so it looks better next to a 1-storey bungalow - which many mid-century neighbourhoods are filled with.
Below are a few selected plans for houses built in the mid-century in Ottawa that have dormer windows:

Modernism for the Masses - Elmvale Acres & Urbandale

If you drive through the streets of the Elmvale Acres and Urbandale Acres neighbourhoods, you will notice a series of strikingly modern houses. These were mass-produced by a handfull of tract builders - some of which built the same plans in various Canadian cities, and even in other Ottawa neighbourhoods. Many of the designs are quite small - especially compare to the standards of new houses.
Below are a couple of journal articles on the houses as well as some selected plans.