Thursday, February 23, 2017

Parkwood Hills and Crystal Beach

A blog reader recently reached out to me asking about a detached Minto house in Parkwood Hills. I realized that I was due for a post on the detached houses in that area, so here it is. Many of the same early designs built in Parkwood Hills were also built in Crystal Beach, so this post includes both areas. I previously wrote on Crystal beach in the following post: Crystal Beach

I have long considered the Parkwood Hills area as being south of Meadowlands Drive, but it seems as though there were other pockets to the north that were built before the Cityview and Skyline areas were developed. Was this area also called Parkwood Hills, or does it have another name? If any of my readers has insights, I would love to hear them. 

Below is a plan of Crystal Beach I have in my files, but I am unsure of the date or who produced it.
The price list below includes a few developments in addition to Parkwood Hills. From what I understand, Bellands is east of Qualicum (I think), Fairfield is just east of Bayshore Shopping Centre, and Lakeview is southwest of Corkstown Road and Carling Avenue. 

There are a few plans that I am missing from these price lists, so if any of my readers have them I would love to add them to the blog: 

- Washington
- Fairview
- Glenwood
- Arlington

The plans below are not of the greatest quality - but they are all I have. I have also included other (and better) versions of the same plans that I have on file.

The York plan shown above won Minto a Canadian Housing Design Award in 1964. Below is the article on the award home:

The Bayview plan shown above also won Minto a Canadian Housing Design Award in 1969. Below is the article on the award home:

Ottawa Citizen February 23, 1962

In 2011 I wrote a whole blog post on the Alpine plan. Check it out at: Anatomy of a plan Alpine

Ottawa Citizen March 9, 1962

Below is a Parkwood Hills brochure from 1960:

The price lists below are from 1966. I have included the plans I have on file that were offered in Parkwood Hills. Some plans have multiple versions, but I wanted to share them all.

The brochure below mentions both Parkwood Hills and Crystal Beach on the cover, but was from a time after most of those areas were developed (after 1970). It does have a great map of Minto neighbourhoods across the city, so I still wanted to include it. Interestingly, Crystal Beach is not shown on the map, and all of Parkwood Hills is denoted as a rental community, presumably as the for sale houses were completed by this time and only Minto rentals remained.

I found this brochure among my plans. I suspect it is for the rental townhouses in Parkwood Hills.