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Experiential Design

It has been a while since I have last posted. Life has been busy with travelling, work and school. I have also temporarily parted with my entire Ottawa floor plan collection as it is being scanned into digital files. I have managed to cobble together some plans that I already had scanned (for a lecture I gave on 1970s-era condos in Ottawa), so here is a new post!

If you have ever stopped to admire the facade of Ann Manor at 71 Somerset Street West (c.1974) in the Golden Triangle, you would have noticed the large expanses of blank brick walls on the facade. Interestingly, the windows are all grouped around the balconies and corners of the building. At first this may seem unusual, but what this creates are interior layouts which I like to refer to as "experiential design". I am not certain this was the intent of the designers, but this is the way I interpret these designs. 
The design of most newer high-rise condo buildings have exterior walls of glass - so as soon as you enter …