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Early Campeau in Elmvale Acres and Bel-Air Park

An Early Campeau brochure from Elmvale Acres and Bel-Air Park
When: Elmvale Acres was built c.1955-1962 and Bel-Air Park built c.1955-1960.
Where: Elmvale Acres is often considered to be within the area bound by Smyth Road, Othello Avenue, Pleasant Park Drive and the hydro corridor to the west. The map in the brochure below also includes a pocket north of Smyth Road as well as an area further north and west of Russell Road (sometimes this area is considered part of Riverview Park). The boundary of Bel-Air Park is more clear and is located south of the Queensway, east of Woodroffe Avenue, with Field Street to the east and south.
What I Know: Below is one of the earliest Campeau brochures that I have. I am not completely certain of the date, but the brochure mentions that the Elmvale Acres shopping centre was to be built in 1958. Construction of the Elmvale Acres began in 1955 and the brochure suggests that construction was well under way for that neighbourhood, so my educated guess is tha…
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The Campeau Chronology

Over the years I have been inspired to take a deep dive in to various projects for my blog, such as past endeavours like publishing all of my Costain/Coscan, Assaly and Beaverbrook floor plans. My latest project is to take it up a notch. 

The Campeau Corporation was responsible for constructing approximately 25,000 houses in Ottawa during the 1950s to early 1980s, and the builder has clearly left an imprint on the city. I personally have a very extensive collection of Campeau floor plans, brochures and price sheets, but it is not complete. My goals of this latest project have a few key items:

- Posting on my blog all of the plans/brochures that I have

- Creating a timeline for the Campeau neighbourhoods in the city

- Mapping the Campeau neighbourhoods in an interactive Google map (this may eventually expand to a map with all of the Mid-Century neighbourhoods in Ottawa by all builders!)

- Reaching out to my readers and the Ottawa community to get a hold of any missing floor plans to share


Campeau Homes to Build on Your Own Lot

Throughout Ottawa and the surrounding region are examples of 1960s and 1970s-era Campeau houses that were not a part of a larger development constructed by the builder. When I first started collecting floor plans years ago I was baffled to find Campeau look-a-like houses spotted throughout Ottawa and Gatineau. Then I came across this brochure and learned that Campeau had a division of their company that would "custom build" some of their top selling plans on your own building lot.
The booklet is undated, but refers to fact that Campeau Construction had been building for the  "past 14 years". If this is based on the official founding of the company in 1953, that would make the booklet from 1967, but if it based on the first house he constructed in 1949, it would date the booklet at 1963.