Saturday, May 27, 2017

The cover house

When I first started this blog I wanted to choose an image of a house that really defined the mid-century modern style in Ottawa. Over the years I have had many comments on the image, with many readers saying they even recognize the house. 

While many builders constructed similar models in the city, the one I chose is from the cover of a c.1959 Campeau brochure for Queensway Terrace and Bel-Air Heights. 

Campeau had a number of similar style side-split designs, but the one specifically depicted in the image is the B-21 plan shown below. So, now you know!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The final posting of Costain/Coscan plans

It has been a while since I first embarked on a project to scan and post all of the Costain/Coscan plans that I have in my collection. This is the final installment from my collection of plans that were built in Ottawa by the builder.

These plans in particular were all printed as large fold-out brochures, making them tricky to scan - but I have done my best!

The "Look of New England" designs were built in the Fallingbrook area of Orleans and very few were actually built. The houses are quite narrow and have protruding garages, a common design of the time. In more recent years builders have shied away from these types of houses (sometimes called "snout houses"), in favour of houses where the garages are recessed in to the facade. 

First introduced in the early 1970s, the ForestWood Collection took on many incarnations over the years. Here are the most recent plans (c. 1999) in the collection built by Costain before they ceased operations in Ottawa. These were built in Fallingbrook.

The Heritage Hills neighbourhood in Kanata was the last project Coscan built in Ottawa:

The Carriage Homes in Heritage Hills are a modern take on the linked townhouses first built by Costain in the 1970s in Blackburn Hamlet and Convent Glen.

After the millennium Coscan ceased operations in Ottawa, although I am not sure why. The company continues to build in the Toronto area under the name Brookfield Homes, and is part of a larger company that builds across North America.