Friday, October 20, 2017

Assaly Trend Homes

During the 1960s and 1970s the builder Assaly (sometimes teamed with the builder Joahnnsen) built a series of houses under the banner of "Trend Homes". These houses were built in areas including Trend Village, Woodroffe on the Green, Westcliffe Estates and Glenwood Park (in Aylmer, Quebec).

Assaly's designs at the time are notable for the sheer variety that they offered in terms of exterior styles, ranging from Mid-Century Modern to more traditionally inspired designs. In some cases a house design could be rotated on the lot to create an entirely different looking house. In Trend Village, the plans even included some Spanish-style variations. 

By rotating the house and moving the garage location, design B-20 and B-30 look like completely different houses.

E-30 is unique in that the living room and kitchen/dining room are flipped in comparison to the E-10 and E-20. 

In an older blog post I had asked if anyone knew what happened to the Trend Village arch (as shown above). Thanks to a reader, I now know that the arch was designed and built by Bruce Colburn. His daughter is unsure of when and why it was taken down, so I would love to share if any of my readers know!

Some of these designs below are updates of earlier Trend Home plans.

One of Assaly's rare Spanish-style Trend Homes is above, with a unique courtyard.

The Trend Home designs also include semi-detached plans.