Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Highlands - What was built and what could have been

Located on St. Laurent just north of Montreal Road is a large condo complex called The Highlands. There are two tall towers linked by a lower podium building as well as townhouses tucked in behind. The complex as built is impressive, but the award-winning design was planned to be much larger. Below is an image (courtesy of Google Maps) of phase 1 of the project:
A brochure for phase 1:



The following is a brochure showing the full design including subsequent phases that were never realized as planned:

The Highlands complex as built is shown below (courtesy of Google Maps). Phase 1 is top centre - the rest of the area was built as a series of disconnected complexes of towers, low-rise buildings and townhouses.
If anyone knows why the original plans changed, I would love to know!
The floor plans
Below are most of the floor plans. There are so many variations that I am probably still missing some.