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Missing Middle Housing Part 1: Wedgewood Park

You may have heard the concept of the "missing middle housing" that centres on types of housing that are between detached single-family and higher density mid- and high-rise towers. When looking at the new housing developments being built in Ottawa this is something that there is short supply of. To use the cliche "learning from the past", in the following series of posts I will show examples of innovative housing examples that have many of the amenities of a single family detached housing, but with higher density. There was a time in Ottawa when townhouses and other "missing middle" types of houses were built en masse, but at some point they petered off in favour of the two extremes in density - high and low.  Located in Hunt Club Park is an enclave called Wedgewood Park built c. 1986, just southeast of Johnson Road and Tapiola Crescent. The buildings are only 2 to 3 stories tall allowing each condo unit to have a visual connection to the ground. Some uni
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The Neighbourhoods of Hunt Club: Hunt Club Chase - Townhouse Enclaves

Hunt Club Chase has a number of of townhouse enclaves offering a variety of designs. Below are the plans and details for a few of the enclaves in the area. The Royale Estates enclave has large 3 level homes with attached garages. Ottawa Citizen. January 21, 1984 Ottawa Citizen. October 6, 1984 The Huntview Estates enclave has a complicated history that I will not go into detail about here. Below are the details and plans from when Timberlay took over the project. There are two storey and split level designs with attached garages in 3 and 4 bedroom options. The Steeplechase enclave has garden home designs overlooking common green space. I have two versions of the floor plans. Meakin Hill is a small enclave of garden homes of off McCarthy Road. As the site plan below shows, the rows of homes are all staggered for variety and to give each house its own sense of identity.

The Neighbourhoods of Hunt Club: Hunt Club Chase - Sandbury, Cadillac Fairview, et. al.

This is the second in a series about Hunt Club Chase, focusing on the southeast sector of the area where houses were built by Sandbury Homes and Cadillac Fairview. Sandbury Homes constructed an interesting mix of homes that includes a wide range of styles from more traditionally-leaning architecture to designs that have a more contemporary flair. Ottawa Citizen. September 8, 1978 Ottawa Citizen. March 3, 1979 Cadillac Fairview's designs are generally traditionally-inspired, while the Fairfax plan has a decidedly open-concept layout with vaulted ceilings. Ottawa Citizen. August 18, 1979 Unfortunately, I do not have the floor plans for the Solidex-built homes in the area. Ottawa Citizen. October 11, 1981 I am also missing the Perez-built plans in the area. If any of my readers has these, I would love to get my hands on them so I can share on this blog! Ottawa Citizen. August 20, 1983