Friday, April 22, 2011

Neighbourhood Spotlight - Beacon Hill North

The Beacon Hill North area, east of downtown, has some great examples of MCM houses.
Map of Beacon Hill North
The two main builders in Beacon Hill were Minto and Campeau. For the most part, the Minto-built homes are in the centre of the community (in an area that was also marketed as Beaconwood), and the Campeau-built homes act as book-ends on the western and eastern sides. Simpson Homes also built a handful of large houses in the northwest portion. In addition, there are a few pockets of houses built by other builders, including MacDonald Homes, as a part of the H.O.M.E. Plan (Home Ownership Made Easy) – particularly on the east side.
The Campeau houses in the southwest portion of the area were marketed as being in Rothwell Village, due to their location bordering Rothwell Heights. The houses built in this area were Campeau’s larger two-storey and split-level models.

One of the Campeau designs in Rothwell Village. The same design was also built in Arlington Woods.
Another Campeau design built in Rothwell Village. I like the bottom exterior option with its MCM roof line.

Campeau also built condominium townhouses in the Rothwell Ridge complex and nearby Beacon Heights. All of the houses in these complexes are based on just 2 plans - a 3 bedroom and a 4 bedroom version.
Rothwell Ridge

Minto built larger, more luxurious houses in the northwest part of Beacon Hill.

One of the Minto plans built in the northwest part of the area.
The area to the southeast is considered Beaconwood, and has a series of complexes with condominium and rental townhouses and apartments. One of the complexes is Loyola Court featuring Campeau’s uniquely designed Court Homes. These designs were also built in South Keys, Beaverbrook, Blossom Park and Beacon Hill South.
The striking bird's eye view of the Loyola Court Homes
The plan of the court houses, showing how each unit has a private courtyard to the side.
Generally, the houses built by Minto have more modern exterior designs, while those by Campeau tend to be more traditional. Below are a few examples of my favourite MCM Minto designs and some of the less traditional Campeau designs.
A strikingly modern design by Minto

A Minto design that won a Canadian Housing Design Council Award
One of my favourite Minto plans in Beacon Hill North

A modern semi-detached design by Minto. 
In Comparison, the Campeau semi-detached houses are much more traditional is style.
Their "duette" designs, are interesting as they are only attached by the garage.

A more traditional-style Campeau design. The "Pacific Ranch" exteriors were obviously influenced by California suburban housing design of the time. They are not quite as modern as the "Ranch Modern" option.

A Campeau design with a "Ranch Modern" exterior.
During the 1960s, "Chatelaine Design Homes" were built in cities across Canada to showcase the newest in housing design and d├ęcor, and were published in Chatelaine Magazine. In 1966, Campeau Construction designed and built the Ottawa Chatelaine home in Playfair Park. That same year they also released a smaller version of the design home which could be built in some of their subdivisions – including Beacon Hill.
There were two traditional exterior options and one slightly more modern "Pacific Ranch".
In 1968, the Whitburn design by Campeau was given a Chatelaine Design award, and the house was on display in Beacon Hill.

Only traditional facades were available to choose from for this design.
By Request, here is the Campeau Lynhaven plan!


As per a reader's comment, below is the Campeau Hollyburn plan