Thursday, September 25, 2014

Riverside Park South

I have previously posted on Riverside Park West and Riverside Park East, but have yet to post on Riverside Park here it is!

The area is located south of Walkley Road near Riverside Drive. Below is a view of the area courtesy of Bing Maps:

Most of the area was built by Campeau, but in the west portion I have been able to identify houses built by Edstan Homes and Consolidated Homes. It also appears that other builders constructed houses in various pockets of the neighbourhood. The Edstan Plans can be found at an older blog posting on Lynwood Village by Edstan.

Below are the plans by Consolidated Homes: 
For some reason my copy of this plan is missing the image of the fa├žade...but it is a two storey house with a two-car garage.

Most of Riverside Park South was built by Campeau over many years during the 1960s, so there is a broad collection of designs that they offered over time. Below is a series of plans built in the area c. 1963-1964. These designs were also built in Leslie Park and Playfair Park (and that is actually the brochure that I have reproduced here). I have included all of the plans from this collection, although not all of them may have been built in Riverside Park South.
A special thank you to a blog reader for sending me this blueprint of the T 31 plan:

The "Baronet Group" of houses were also built in the area by Campeau. I am not sure why they were titled "Baronet". Perhaps it was the name of the designer of this collection of houses? 
The Campeau plans below were mostly built east of McCarthy Road in the mid- to late 1960s:

On McCarthy Road is a collection of some rare Campeau plans that were not built very often...but I do have the plans!

The Sheridan and the Weyburn are the same plan - one just has a finished lower level.

A version of this plan was built in Hunt Club Park during the 1970s.

Northeast of McCarthy Road at Walkley Road is a complex of garden townhouses built amongst the trees and boulders. I suspect they were built by Campeau, as they look similar to houses the builder constructed in Leslie Park and Redwood Park (originally  built as rentals, but now converted to freehold townhouses). Unfortunately, I do not have the plans for these houses. Below are images of the Riverside Park South complex and the striking natural landscape. Images courtesy of Google Street View.