Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suburban Modern

When one thinks of MCM design in Ottawa, certain areas may immediately come to mind, such as Alta Vista, Qualicum, Rothwell Heights, etc. But there are certain areas outside of the Greenbelt, where there are great examples of MCM design.

Part 1 in a series: Kanata

While Beaverbrook may be the most noted Kanata community for MCM design, Glen Cairn, has some notable examples as well. While there were many different builders when Glen Cairn was begun in 1963, most only built a few houses and then left the development. As such, there are some great examples of MCM houses that are one-of-a-kind, as only one of that particular design was built. Connelly Homes remained on as the main builder of the houses in the community.

Here is an example of a MCM plan by Dan McSweeney.

The house as built - which it seems is the only house of its kind in the community. The builder had a great portfolio of MCM plans which they built elsewhere in Ottawa, but only a handful in Glen Cairn.

The most striking MCM design in Glen Cairn is the "X" Series by Connelly Homes, debuted in 1966. It seems to have been a popular model as many were built.

The partially covered courtyard has been enclosed by some of the homeowners. The carport was also enclosed on this house.
This one is partially hidden by the landscaping, but I like how the modern lines of the house stand out against the greenery.
I quite like this house and how the front façade is simplified with just the one window. From this angle, you can see how the side of the house actually has a recessed entry, hidden behind the brick of the front wall.
A sleek, yet subtle, modern ranch house by Connelly Homes. This same plan was available with more traditional facades.
A simple, yet modern façade with an off-centre window.
Traditional elements have been added, but the modern details still remain

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