Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Campeau Best Sellers 1961 and 1962

Thanks to this vintage article from National Builder magazine, I present Campeau Construction's best sellers from 1961 and 1962. 
These plans were built in Riverside Park and Queensway Terrace.

This was Campeau's best-selling model in 1961. Sprawling bungalows were once a mainstay in new house construction, but became less common with time as lot widths shrunk. Now with the baby-boom population aging, one-level living is starting to make a comeback. Many of the bungalows that the boomers may have grown up in, may soon become popular houses for them to grow old in.

A different version of the B-34, with a larger kitchen. 

The B-33 plan is similar in many regards, but is slighly larger and has 4 bedrooms.

The second best-selling plan of 1961 was the S-32. This is my favourite Campeau plan from the 1960s. Much like the Minto Alpine, the design uses post and beam construction with vaulted living spaces. Both the exterior and the interior of this plan are stunning. 
The S-30 and S-31 are variations of the plan, with 3 bedrooms on the upper level.
The S-60 plan was a top-seller in 1962. I am guessing that the plan was so popular as it has 4 bedrooms (even though 2 are on the lower level), and yet is was priced like a 3 bedroom house.

The blueprints from the National Builder article.

The S-64 plan is identical, but does not have a garage. Instead space for a Recreation Room is located on the lower level - something that is missing from the S-60.

The S-62 plan, is a larger variation of the S-60 with 3 Bedrooms on the main floor.

A great way to see the built versions of these plans is to drive/walk along Baseline Road between Centrepointe and Greenbank. I suspect that the original model homes for Queensway Terrace were built there...does anyone know if this is true?


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and I am excited for future posts! I'm keeping an eye out for more information on my house, built in 1962 in Queensway Terrace South (3bd/1ba, carport with main entry, living room in the front). Looking forward to seeing what other MCM Ottawa gems you have!

    Thanks for making this blog!

  2. Thanks for posting these, so interesting to know the history of these homes!!!

  3. Very neat to find the orginal floor plans and design of the house I own in QTS. Thanks for posting!

  4. Great work. I've just spent almost 2 hours reading your blog!

    The Campeau S32 (above) with it's low slope roof and cathedral ceilings is a real beauty. I owned one on Stanton Road for 10 years. It has the built-in indoor planter boxes, cathedral ceiling and post and beam construction. The B.C. cedar ceiling is impressive. The problem though with the house is no attic and very little insulation. The tar and gravel roof is high maintenance and has been replaced with roll-on bitument. The side entrance is unconventional and turns off some people. It's a great example of MCM.

    Here's an interesting home currently for sale in Aylmer.
    It was designed by a Campeau architect for himself. Western Redwood, lots of 2 story floor to ceiling glass, flat roof areas and a J shape creating a courtyard. I saw the home recently – it's very unique.

  5. On returning to Ottawa, with a military posting, my parents purchased the Campeau model home, S-60, in Riverside Park, in the summer of 1963. It was here where all these model homes were, on Southmore Drive. Way back then you actually got a discounted purchase price for the model, which included all of the window coverings, and area carpets (over hardwood).