Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a shame!

The two plans on this posting are not from the mid-century, but I still wanted to share them. I have a huge collection of plans and hope to create another blog that deals with more recent housing...but for now I will sneak them in on this blog.

Below are two plans by Coscan that were to be built in Fallingbrook South (Orleans) in 1989. One of the plans was never actually built (as far as I know) and only 1 of the other plan was built. I think they are such great plans, so it is a shame that more people did not fall in love with them!

As far as I know, only 1 of these was built. Some highlights of the plan are the 2-storey high living room with gallery overlook on the 2nd floor, the main floor den, and the cathedral ceiling in the main floor master bedroom.

I do not believe that this plan was actually built in Ottawa. The 2-storey living and family rooms with a 2-sided fireplace would have been very impressive. Plus the 2-storey foyer with curved staircase and balcony overlook from the second floor study would have been dramatic.

It is sometimes so hard to find interesting designs in builder housing, which makes plans like these stand out. It is a shame that only 1 was built.

What are your thoughts? Do you think these are great plans? I am always curious to see what my readers think!


  1. wow!!!!....never seen this model...EVER....definitely classic coscan forestwood style though.... if you look at the meursault elevation C, you can actually see a mixture of "the chatelaine" and a wee bit of the sandwelll as well if you've ever seen these models. The meursault was really very innovative and ahead of its time kinda like the Cranston Hall was a huge shocker in 86 when it came out. I guess people of that era wern't quite ready for models like the meursault..... would have been really cool to see both those homes acutally built Thanks for posting. Glad I found your site :)

  2. My parents bought the Cranston Hall model built by Coscan in Orleans 1988. It is the best design I have ever seen for a 2800 square foot size home. Curved staircase overlooking a 2 story family room in back. All the rooms are where they should be. Just beautiful. I might hire Coscan just to build another house like that.