Monday, September 24, 2012

Unique Teron plan

You may have noticed that I have not posted for a while - yikes! I have recently started my studies towards a PhD, and have my hands full with readings. I will be sure to incorporate my studies into this blog.

To keep your mid-century modern appetite in check, I will make an effort to post unique and rare floor plans regularly. 

Below is a floor plan by Teron that was built in Beaverbrook - although not extensively. Interestingly, there is another B-50 plan that was built in the area that is a completely different design.

I quite like the unusual floor plan with a bedroom wing that juts out behind the house. 

Notice that there are very few windows on the front of the house, which is a common design feature of mid-century modern design. Privacy is clearly the motivation of the layout with windows that overlook the rear yard. Even the bedrooms are situated in a way that affords the master bedroom the buffer of the bathrooms, as well as having its window face in the opposite direction of the other bedrooms. 

I am curious as to how the owners of this design use their yard, since it would be effectively split in two. Is one side reserved for more active uses (pool, patio, etc.) and is the other reserved for quiet gardens?

The study area off the bedrooms is also quite unique, and makes the narrow corridor into a useful space. The optional closet in Bedroom #3 suggests that it would make an ideal den.

My only critique of the design is the windowless Dining Room. While natural light would be borrowed from the Living Room and Family Room, my guess is that the space is quite dark.

I am curious to read your thoughts on the plan, so please do not be shy to comment!

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  1. I don't see the 2.5 bathrooms that are advertised. Looks more like 1 bath and 2 half bathrooms. Unless the bathroom near the garage has a shower in it, but that'd be quite a walk from the shower to the bedrooms. Instead it looks like the bath next to the garage may have the washer and dryer in it, which is also quite interesting, not sure if I'd like that.