Friday, October 19, 2012

A fantastical apartment design

This next design is not actually in Ottawa - and I am not sure if it was ever built. It is an apartment complex design from a 1963 advertisement for LOF Glass. 

It is just so unique that I wanted to share it. Enjoy!


  1. hi just wondering if you have any information relating to my childhood neighbourhood Riverside Park. Cromwell Drive specifically. Our house was built in 1964. I have some of the original plans, and documentation from the builder. But I wondered if you had any you could post. thank you. Reader in Fredericton, NB

  2. hi, it's me again. i posted the other comment. i found a picture of my house on this website blog. plan B-61. Do you know the name of the house? I see some other plans have names, like the Halifax, or the XX, you know what I mean? any assistance would be appreciated. either comment here or I can give you my email address. Thank you very much

    1. Hello! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I was out of the country and then when I came back my car was broken into and my laptop was stollen!! The B-61 is the only name for the plan. At that time Campeau just had numbers and letters for their plans. They started naming them a bit later.

      I will work on a post about Riverside keep an eye out for it.

      Take care,

  3. I just discovered your blog and love it! I've happened upon many of the areas you have mentioned and yack a bit about them them in my biking blog ( It's great reading more about those areas via your blog.

    I just recently biked through Fairhaven (will be posting about it tonight) where I noticed some interesting MCM's. Would you have any info on that enclave?

    By the by, have you checked out the area in Gatineau described in this post - ? I think you'd like it.

    1. Thanks for commenting! You have a great blog too!

      As for Fairhaven, I do know that the houses were built by modern architects in the 1960s - that is why there are so many unique designs. As for specific details, I have yet to find out more.

      I actually live in Gatineau (Hull Sector), so I am very familiar with the great MCM architecture. I have also noticed the curious black rocks used on the facades on some of the houses.

      Another great area with one-of-a-kind MCM architect-designed houses is Skyridge in the rural north part of Aylmer Sector. It is located off of Chemin de la Montagne N at rue Skyridge.

      Thanks for reading. I look forward to following your blog!