Friday, February 28, 2014

The latest on Ottawa new home sales...from the mid-century

I have a collection of articles on mid-century Ottawa home building, but I was unsure how to post them in a way that made sense. I decided post them by theme - so here is the first batch. The articles are from National Builder and Canadian Building magazines about sales and marketing by various builders:   
I am always curious to see how the sales volume from the mid-century compares to those today. These numbers seem very high for one builder!

We can thank Campeau for helping in the "fight against juvenile delinquency" in the 1960s! 

Buy a house...and get a dozen roses!

I wish my monthly house payments were $95.00!

That is a pretty fantastical bathroom! Does anyone know where this house is in Blackburn Hamlet? I hope they haven't renovated the bathroom...except for replacing the carpeted floor.

I am curious as to what the lighted planter box with book shelves looked like.

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