Friday, May 1, 2015

1970s Garden Homes by Campeau

Like Minto, Campeau also built many "garden home" neighbourhoods during the 1970s, yet with a different take on the type of house. Often Campeau-built complexes have some designs with garages intermixed with the garage-less houses.

For many of the garden home complexes built by Campeau in the 1970s there were two basic plans: a 3 bedroom unit and a 4 bedroom unit. Below are some examples of these designs.

Arlington Place (Arlington Woods) and Rothwell Ridge (Beacon Hill North)

Some of the garden homes in Rothwell Ridge have detached garages at the rear of the houses.
The same plans were built in both areas.

Beacon Heights (Beaconwood)

Some of the Beacon Heights garden homes have detached garages, particularly those backing on to Montreal Road. The house designs are nearly identical to those built in Arlington Place and Rothwell Ridge.

Monterey Court(Leslie Park)

The area around Baseline Road and Greenbank Road in Leslie Park and Redwood Park have a large number of Campeau-built garden homes. The rows have variety in materials and styles of the individual units. Most of these units are not condominiums, but have a common element or joint use agreement. Some of the houses were originally rentals, but later converted for purchase.
Similar plans were built by Campeau in other complexes across the city - even as early as the 1960s.

The designs all have a kitchen at the front:

Huntridge (Hunt Club)

In this complex Campeau's typical 3 bedroom garden home plan is intermixed with townhouses that have garages.

  The facades of the houses in Huntridge have a contemporary look with wood accents (Courtesy of Google Maps).

Foxdown(Hunt Club)

The Foxdown condominium also has a mixture of designs, some with garages and others without. The plan below is similar to the typical 3 bedroom garden home that Campeau built, but it is 3-stories tall with the garage on the lower level.

The garden home plan above takes advantage of the hillside site. The front has three stories and the back has two stories above grade with an exit to the rear yard and parking area from the second floor. Below is an image of the fronts of the houses (Courtesy of Google Maps). 

Court Garden Homes 

 Perhaps the most innovative of Campeau's designs are their court garden homes. These were built in various neighbourhoods across the city. The designs gained recognition for their innovation by the Canadian Housing Design Council and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Below are just some of the neighbourhoods built with these unique designs: 

Wedgewood (Sawmill Creek/Timbermill)

Beacon Hill Court - now called Linden Walk
(Beacon Hill North)

An air photo of a portion of the complex shows the unique intersection of units and courtyards(Courtesy of Google Maps).


Loyola Court (Beacon Hill North)



Loyola Court from the air (Courtesy of Bing Maps).

 Below is an image of the Montreal Road and Ogilvie Road intersection in Beacon Hill North. This area is exceptional as it has a very high concentration of 1970s garden homes. The complex on the right side is Loyola Court, at the centre-top is Beacon Hill Court and at the bottom right is Beacon Heights - all built by Campeau. On the west side of Ogilvie Road is the Lassiter Court development by Minto. At the bottom left is a rental garden home complex by Minto and in the bottom left corner is Campeau's Rothwell Ridge complex(Courtesy of Google Maps).

South Keys

 I actually do not have any information on this Campeau-built complex of garden homes shown below at the northwest corner of Cahill Drive and Albion Road South (Courtesy of Google Maps). What I find interesting is the layout of the complex with all of the houses pushed to the edge of the property, and with their front doors facing outward. The centre of the complex has the parking and a communal pool and green space.
If anyone has information on this complex, please let me know!


  1. Thank you for making the floor plans available. I purchased a two bedroom unit in Leslie Park in 2009. The plans were not provided.

  2. My first home was a court home in Wedgewood/Sawmill Creek. It was a great design as the homes were joined by the corners so we didn't share any walls as with most townhomes.

    Love reading your posts!