Monday, October 5, 2015

Braemor/Braemar Park

A while ago one of my blog readers asked about the neighbourhood southwest of Maitland Avenue and the Queensway.  The area has a collection of some of Campeau's rarer designs, including the large sprawling houses from Campeau's 500-series of plans. It appears that the area was built in portions over time (from about 1962-1968 +/-). There are so many different designs and in some cases a particular plan may have only been built once in the area. 
Today the area is known as Braemar Park, but early advertisements for the development called it Braemor Park. I do not know much more about the area, so I will present some of the plans I have. If any of my readers knows more about the neighbourhood, let me know as I would love to share with my readers! 

Below are a few advertisements for the area with plans (from the Ottawa Citizen in 1962). The quality is not great, but these are copies from microfilm that I made a long time ago. I do not have better versions of the plans depicted in the ads, and I am missing some of the 500-series designs, so if any of my readers have them I would love to see them and share.

The version of the Westley plan below is curious as the second floor is depicted backwards...



The plan below is based on the Chateliane Design home found at this older post: Chatelaine Design Home 1966

The rare collection of plans below are c. 1968:

 This collection of plans (c.1964) were also built in Playfair Park and Leslie Park:

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