Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bel-Air Heights and Queensway Terrace

As always, I take requests for blog postings. A while ago I was asked to post on the Bel-Air Heights neighbourhood built by Campeau in the 1950s and 1960s. Below are the pages from a brochure that Campeau produced around 1959 for both Bel-Air Heights and Queensway Terrace. 


  1. Hi Saul, would you happen to have any additional info on garage construction/layout for the 1950s/60s Campeau homes in Queensway Terrance and Bel-Air Heights? I've noticed in these types of houses that there is a large metal plate, approx. 1.5'x1.5', in the center of the garage floor. I'm guessing this is a drain. Wondering what the thought process was in a design like this? It doesn't seem to be present in homes from subsequent periods. Thanks

    1. Hello David,

      Good question! I have noticed the plate in a few homes, and like you I think it may be a drain. I am not exactly sure why these were installed in some homes, but are no longer in use. Maybe there were issues with the drains getting clogged. I believe that new homes are designed so that the floor slopes towards the front garage door for drainage, thus no longer needing a drain in the centre. Maybe a blog reader can give us more insight? I would love to hear any thoughts!