Sunday, September 18, 2016

Country Place

A while ago a reader asked about a plan in the Country Place neighbourhood. I do not know too much about the neighbourhood, but I do have some collections of plans for houses built in the area by the builders Simpson and Sherbrooke. I believe that the Simpson homes were built first, followed by later phases by Sherbrooke. The lot sizes are large, so most of the designs are centre-hall plans. 

If any of my readers know more about the area please do share in the comments section below.

Here are all of the plans that I have for the area, but it appears that others were built as well. Some of the Simpson plans were also built in the Playfair Park area of the city.







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  1. I believe Simpson started the neighbourhood but went bankrupt halfway through and the remaining lots were purchased by Sherbrooke. Originally there were plans for a marina where the Waterford townhouses are. My parents remember driving through the development and seeing signs on peoples lawns asking Simpson to finish their houses. As a result, they avoided Country Place and bought a home from Campeau in Beacon Hill North.