Sunday, April 16, 2017

Coscan in the 1990s Part 2: Bungalows, Visions, Sunporches and Price Breakthroughs

During the second half of the 1990s Coscan released many different series of houses, including townhouses, bungalows and two-storey designs. In some cases the designs were different spins on old plans, but there are also quite a few new plans.

Below are plans for houses built in Fallingbrook (Orleans) and Briarbrook (Kanata); most of the designs were built in both neighbourhoods.
The designs below are all high-ranches (also sometimes called raised bungalows), with the master bedroom on the main level. Two of the plans have the secondary bedrooms in the basement, while two have a second bedroom on the main level with the others on the lower level. The layouts would likely appeal to empty nesters, and not families with young children. 

A handful of these designs were also built in Fallingbrook. 

The "Vision" detached homes are characterized by protruding garages, and most have a front door that cannot be seen from the street as it is tucked in behind said garage. The "Vision" aspect is a marketing spin for designs that were very much a product of their time. 

The "Vision" townhomes are very similar to other Coscan townhomes at the time, just re-branded. 

The "Sunporch Series" is a small collection of houses in Fallingrbook that were built with screened porches on the back. All plans were built with a finished rec room in the basement. I am missing the Canberra plan.

Some of the "Price Breakthrough" plans are nearly identical to the "Sunporch Series", only without the screened porch and without the finished rec room in the basement.


  1. Hey Saul, Do you know the history behind the big black rock impregnated exterior walls that were were included in some mid-century houses? I find them to be a fascinating choice of aesthetic. There are a few around the region, especially in Gatineau. I've included an example in this blog post, 4th photo down:

    1. Good question! It has been a long-time mystery for me too as to the story behind the black stones common on many mid-century houses in Gatineau. I will share if I ever find more out about them!