Thursday, November 3, 2011

Community Spotlight - Hawthorne Meadows

Located in the Triangle where St.Laurent Boulevard forks off at Russell Road, is an area called Hawthorne Meadows. There are 3 general areas within the community, all of which were built in the mid-century.

The southern part was originally developed by Minto in the early 1960s and is characterized by smaller bungalows. The north end was built in the mid-to-late 1960s and has larger houses built by Minto and Campeau. The area along the western edge has custom-built houses of varying sizes and styles.

Below is the brochure and plans from the first phase of Hawthorne Meadows:

Although this image shows a side-split house on the right side, it does not seem that any of that model were actually built in the subdivision.

Notice that the plan above is an early version of the Alpine - which was a Canadian Housing Design Council award-winning plan (see Alpine plan below).

As seen in the plans above, most of the houses in this phase were designed with the narrow end facing the road. As such, the streets are characterized by a series of peaked roofs.

The houses were built without garages, but some had the option of a carport.

There are a few parts of this phase that have houses with the wide end facing the road, as seen in the right house above. Notice the long driveways.

Only 3 of this particular model were built scattered throughout the first phase. This is the only Minto model in this part of the area with a garage.

Semi-detached houses are also sprinkled throughout this first phase. I like the roof line and large windows on these houses.

 The north part of the neighbourhood has larger houses, and many have a more traditional facade than the earlier phase. These are houses built by Campeau. While still considered Hawthorne Meadows, Campeau called the area Russell Heights - perhaps to differentiate it from the Minto development.

Minto houses: many are two-storey foursquare and centre-hall type houses with a traditionally-inspired facade.

 Modern beside a more-traditional house - built by Campeau.

A modern design by Minto in the second phase.

The western edge of the area has custom-built houses, where very few are alike. Mixed in, I discovered this flat-roofed modern beauty. Too bad you cannot see much of it from the street.

Other modern custom-built houses in the western part of the area.

By Request, here are two versions of the floor plan for the Carlyle by Campeau, also found in Hawthorne Meadows:


In response to a reader's question about the plan for a Minto-built house in Hawthorne Meadows, below is one of the plans that the house might be. Minto also built a similar design without the family room behind the garage, but unfortunately, I do not have a copy of that plan. 


  1. This is a great source of information. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for original floor plans for our Campeau home identified in the following shot (back split design):

    I'm wondering if you could identify the design name and if you happen to have them, could you post a scan of the plans?

    Thanks in advance,
    CE in Russell Heights/Hawthorne Meadows

    1. It is the Carlyle design and I have just posted two versions of the plan at the end of this post!

  2. Hi there,
    I agree, the site is indeed a great source of information and in my case, maybe the only.
    Would you also be able to identify design name and plans of the Minto stone front homes on Maywood St. - shown on the left side in the "Minto houses" photograph above.

    Thanks in advance,
    TA Hawthorne Meadows/Ottawa

    1. Hello Tasia,

      I have added a plan to the end of the post that might be for the house you are inquiring about - it is the only similar plan I have for that type of house in the area.

      Take care,