Monday, December 12, 2011

Assaly Villas

From the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, Assaly Construction built a series of very unique townhouses in Westcliffe Estates (Bell's Corners) and Trend Village. The designs were very innovative for the time and included plans with 2-car garages, 4 bedroom designs, as well as a bungalow townhouse plan with a courtyard.

Originally, the houses were built with very traditional facades, but as revealed later in this post, many of these traditional facades have been adapted to make the houses look quite modern.

Above are the original plans for the Assaly Villas. The two-story plans all have a large master bedroom over the garage with a balcony. I quite like the entry courtyard of the bungalow plans.
 The 'Spanish Villas' plans from Trend Village, which include a 1-car garage design with a unique take on the Mansard roof.
One of the most interesting things about the Assaly Villas is that so many of them have been changed over the years. I don't think there are any other examples of townhouses in Ottawa where so many have been drastically remodelled, changing their exteriors.
This bungalow design in Westcliffe Estates now has an enclosed courtyard with an appealing peaked roof. Many of the courtyards on the bungalow designs have been enclosed.

This Trend Village bungalow plan (unit on the right) is hardly recognisable with its second floor addition.
This row in Westcliffe Estates has actually become more modern as the owners have adapted the facades by enclosing the second floor porches.
Another similar row in Westcliffe Estates. I actually really like the variety of window arrangements and colour schemes. Originally, all of the units would have had a covered porch over the garage - but all have been enclosed.
Westcliffe Estates has a few types of Assaly Villas with a modern take on the Mansard roof. Interestingly, few of the Mansard roof units have been changed.
A row in Trend Village which where each owner has updated their units with a new colour scheme. Some have also enclosed the porch over the garage. While originally stucco, some of the houses have since been clad in siding, such as the unit to the far right.
Another Trend Village row where all of the units have enclosed the porch over the garage.
In this Trend Village row, the houses on the left have covered the entry courtyard above the curved archway.
This unit in Trend Village looks very different as the porch over the garage has been enclosed and half of the garage has been turned in to a room.
A Trend Village house that has been completely overhauled with additions all around.

In the late 1970s, Assaly built what they called 'Frehold Garden Villas', which are nearly identical in plan to the earlier 'Villas' they built a decade before. I am only aware of the one grouping that they built with the bungalow and 2-car garage designs in the late 1970s. The exteriors of these homes are more modern than their earlier counterparts. The shutters and covered porch on the bungalow design have been added, perhaps to make the house seem more traditional.
 The bungalow plan with its decidedly modern facade.
The two-car garage plan is a smaller, more-simplified version of the earlier Assaly Villas. Gone is the main floor powder room and second floor covered porch over the garage.


A 1977 ad for Assaly-built houses in Westcliffe Estates showing the modern facades of their semi-detached houses and Garden Villas. Their unique contemporary designs for semi-detached houses were short-lived with very few built (only a few in Westcliffe Estates and a couple in Barrhaven). Too bad...

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