Monday, March 10, 2014

Confederation Glen

Based on the success of the format used on my other blog (, I will begin presenting communities as a whole, with floor plans, site plans, price sheets, etc. 
Of course, I will still continue to publish postings on a wide variety of topics related to mid-century modern and 1970s-era housing in Ottawa!  

Confederation Glen
Where: Confederation Private in Riverside Park
Who: Thomas C. Assaly Corporation Inc.
When: c. 1978

Behind the traditionally-inspired facades of the houses in this enclave are some dynamic and contemporary interiors, as well as an innovative community layout.

The area has a mix of house layouts, including those with sunken rooms and vaulted ceilings. These houses are a great representation of the trends in suburban housing design at the end of the 1970s. It was a time that signaled a movement away from the contemporary style popular earlier in the decade, and towards a sense of tradition - made clear by the porches and shutters on the facades.

The design of the neighbourhood is also unique, as the lot sizes are compact - the marketing refers to the area as a "cluster home development". The houses all have recessed garages and are shallow in design, enabling them to be sited closer to the private street. Notice how there are no side windows on the majority of the designs, allowing for the houses to be built closer together. The area would feel very crowded were it not for the cul-de-sacs on one side, visually opening up the streetscape. The houses on the western side also back on to a schoolyard allowing for open vistas behind the houses and making the shallow lots appear larger.

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