Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am back in action!

It has been a long and grueling few months of battling cancer and having a stem-cell transplant, but I am on the mend and I feel great! A special thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers and encouraging messages!
It is time to start blogging again and I have more great postings coming up, so stay tuned.

Also, I wanted to share something fun. While I was healing I  decided to build my own interpretation of the Eichler X-100 House of Steel, built in 1956 in San Mateo California, and designed by my favourite architect A. Quincy Jones.

Mid-Century Modern aficionados may be familiar with the house, but if you would like more info, a great resource is: Eichler X-100. A few years ago I also did a post comparing this plan to one of Campeau's designs in Ottawa: California Modern in Ottawa.  

Here are some images of the house and below is my Lego version:


More posts to stay tuned!