Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suburban Modern

Part 2 in a series: Barrhaven

When one thinks of Barrhaven, the sea of newer developments may come to mind, but there is one area that is filled with MCM beauties! The original section of Barrhaven has a wide variety in the style of houses built, with many being custom designs. Some of these are very traditional, while others are daringly modern. There are also great examples of MCM designs built en masse by builders Johanssen and Holitzner.
Below is a sampling of some of the Holitzner plans built in old Barrhaven.

Most of the houses built from this plan are too covered by lush landscaping to see the whole façade. This version has a traditional style on the outside, which belies the open-concept plan inside.
This plan has an unusually large Living Room.

I quite like the unique use of space in this design.

Below are some examples of great MCM design in old Barrhaven. Some are custom, and others tract homes:


  1. Any chance you have floor plans of MacDonald Homes single builds in Barrhaven from the late 80s?

    1. I do! There are quite a number of plans, so please email me to let me know what ones in particular you are looking for.


  2. Any chance you would have the floor plans for the Holitzner Windermere I or II?

    1. Hello Lisa,

      What neighbourhood were these designs built?

      Many thank,