Sunday, January 9, 2011

Suburban Modern

Part 3 in a series: Orleans

Orleans also has its fair share of MCM houses, both those built by tract builders, as well as a few areas with custom-built homes.

Queenswood Park (also known as Chatelaine Village) is an area filled with some great examples of MCM design.

This is one of the few MCM floor plans that I have for houses built in Orleans. 1965, built by Bonanza Homes.

This house was made to look more traditional, but the roofline gives away its modern design.

Queenswood Heights (formerly known just as 'Queenswood') is another area in Orleans with MCM houses.

March 20, 1961 Ottawa Citizen article.

A rare example of a storey-and-a-half house in Queenswood Heights.

Boyer Road, Belcourt Boulevard and Page Road, are streets where there are custom-built MCM houses, with no two houses alike.

These MCM houses are now surrounded by newer areas with larger houses, and the smaller houses on large lots have become desirable as tear-downs. Here is a great example of a newer house next to a MCM house. Sadly, many of the MCM houses are now being lost to make way for monster homes.

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