Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neighbourhood Spotlight - Fairfield Heights

By request (I do take requests), I present the Minto plans in Fairfield Heights from the 1960s:

Map showing the part of Fairfield Heights where the following plans were built. The area is sometimes considered a part of Bayshore.

 An undated price list from the 1960s. As the price list shows, the same plans were also built in Bellands (near Qualicum), Lakeview Park (South of Crystal Beach) and Parkwood Hills. The same plans were also built in Crystal Beach. 

I have many of the plans, although I am missing some. I apologize for the quality of some of the plans below, but they are the only ones I have. When possible, I have also posted a better quality version of the plan (from another neighbourhood).

A clearer version of the Neptune plan (from an article on Crystal Beach).

A clearer version of the Alpine plan (an award winning plan). See my post on the Minto Award Homes for more details:

A clearer version of the Cavalier plan (also an award winning plan).

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  1. Thank you thank you Saul. You have truly earned my respect for correctly designating the boundary of Fairfield Heights. I have been amused/frustrated to read MLS listings in the past decade refer to anything as far east as Pinecrest Road as "Fairfield Heights".

    It has always been my understanding that it is a small enclave, exactly as you defined. The origin being the Fairfield estate. My parents owned the Hampshire model on what used to be Desmond Avenue.