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Neighbourhood Spotlight - Briargreen

Southeast of Baseline and Greenbank Road in Nepean is the community of Briargreen, which was built during the 1960s. With only 2 access streets, the area has very little traffic with quiet tree-lined streets. The area was built exclusively by Campeau and Minto, with the exception of a handful of houses on the extreme eastern edge which were built by Falconcrest Homes in the 1980s as a part of the Centrepointe community. The north, west and southern edges are bounded by streets with semi-detached houses, while the centre of the community is filled with detached houses. I like to think of Briargreen as a sort of 'snapshot' of mid-century architecture in Ottawa. There is great variety in the styles of houses in the neighbourhood - from traditional to modern - often built side-by-side. Minto-built houses - modern and traditional intermixed. The different types of house designs found in Briargreen mirror what was popular at the time throughout the city. I will