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A Few Teron plans in Beaverbrook

Longtime blog readers will know that I am absolutely ga-ga over the houses in the Beaverbrook area of Kanata. Over the years I have posted plans, but I do not think I have ever shared this package of plans that I have. I do not have a date for these houses, nor do I have a price list, but below is a site-plan and some floor plans that I acquired at some point in time. Of note is the B-50 plan, a rare design that was not built in large numbers. The layout of the OH - 1 design below is interesting in that the bedrooms on the second floor are very large - even larger than the main floor master bedroom. An interesting aspect of most of the designs below (and a couple above) is that the space next to the kitchen is called the "Family Room", yet I suspect many homeowners use the space as a dining room or breakfast room, especially in the designs without a space dedicated to dining. This family room space open to the kitchen, instead of a breakfast room, was commo

Coscan in the 1990s Part 2: Bungalows, Visions, Sunporches and Price Breakthroughs

During the second half of the 1990s Coscan released many different series of houses, including townhouses, bungalows and two-storey designs. In some cases the designs were different spins on old plans, but there are also quite a few new plans. Below are plans for houses built in Fallingbrook (Orleans) and Briarbrook (Kanata); most of the designs were built in both neighbourhoods. The designs below are all high-ranches (also sometimes called raised bungalows), with the master bedroom on the main level. Two of the plans have the secondary bedrooms in the basement, while two have a second bedroom on the main level with the others on the lower level. The layouts would likely appeal to empty nesters, and not families with young children.  A handful of these designs were also built in Fallingbrook.  The "Vision" detached homes are characterized by protruding garages, and most have a front door t