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Campeau in Chatelaine Village - Orleans

Campeau in Chatelaine Village - Orleans When:  The price sheets I have are dated 1978 for the first group and 1980 for the second.  Where:  Chatelaine Village is located west of Tenth Line, north of the 174. A few builders built in the area - the early phases of the Campeau homes are on Eldeberry Terrace, Laverock Bay, Nightingale Street, parts of Lawnsberry Drive, Gadwell Court and parts of  Kingfisher Crescent. Campeau also built the garden homes around Teal Crescent, but unfortunately, I do not have the floor plans for those houses.   What I Know:   The earlier phases (the plans directly below) have historic French-inspired architecture. These are some of Campeau's most historically-inspired houses, as well as a few that were built in Rolling Meadows in Barrhaven. Over the years, Campeau designs took elements from historic architecture, but often with a modern take, whereas these designs lean more toward traditional. The later designs, further below, have a suburban-mode

Campeau Executive Series

Campeau Executive Series When:  The brochure does not have a date, but these particular models were built in the late 1960s-early 1970s. I suspect that this brochure is from around 1970.  Where:  These plans were built in a number of neighbourhoods including: Arlington Woods, Beacon Hill, Hunt Club Chase, Leslie Park, Rothwell Village and South Keys Village.    What I Know:   The second page below is an index, but alas, I only have copies of the Executive Series plans from what appears to be a larger booklet. Some of the models listed in the index are rare designs that I do not have the plans for, such as those in the Semi-Custom, Kingston and Canadiana Series. I wish I had a better copy (and a full version) of this booklet, but this is all I have for the moment!