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Idea File - The Expandable Condo

In the interest of sharing unique design ideas I will veer outside of the mid-century modern and 1970s era and share some unique plans and ideas. Over the years that I have worked in the various facets of the real estate industry I have been inside many condominium apartment units in Ottawa. I am always surprised and delighted to see innovative designs that then become inspiration for the "hobby" floor plans that I design as a pastime. One design aspect about condo apartments I like playing with is the idea about space that can be expanded. This is something that is typically impossible with a condo apartment unless an adjacent unit is bought. I am not the only one to have thought of this - here are some examples/ideas in Ottawa.  The Broker I work for recently listed Alanis Morissette's spectacular suite in the Sussex condominium building. Her (now sold) suite was re-imagined from the original plans, but the original design for the building is quite unique.  Eac

Mid Century Summer Reading list 2016

Happy Summer! In an old post I compiled a list of mid-century-era books perfect for summer reading ( Summer Reading ), but this year I stumbled upon an article on with some other books of interest. The article (a great read in itself) has a rather negative view of mid-century suburbs, but it has a nifty list of works that I have either already read, or want to get my hot little hands on. Here is a link to the article:  Welcome to Disturbia .  Used I come! I wish all of my blog readers a great summer! ~Saul