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Canadian Housing Design Council award homes in Ottawa: Then and Now

The original version of this post was published 4 years ago, but it actually ties in quite well with my current academic research on how homeowners change the facades of their houses. I have updated some aspects, including more before/after images of the award homes. Also, the original post just focused on the award homes built by Minto, but I have added a Teron award-home at the end of this post. During the 1960s and 1970s a handful of Ottawa builders won numerous Canadian Housing Design Council awards for their house designs.  For the awards, builders entered one particular house built from their plans.  I was curious to see how these award-winning houses stood the test of time, so I searched the addresses on Google Street View to see what they look like now. Many look almost the same, but some have changed over the years - some dramatically. 1974 2010: At some point a second window was added on the front of the house to balance out the facade and give it a more tr