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Minto Homes in Beacon Hill North - Part two

 In follow up to my last post showcasing the plans for the bungalows in Beacon Hill North, in this post I am sharing the plans for the high ranch, split-level, and two-storey homes in the area. These were built from the mid-1960s to mid-1970s. Stylistically, Minto's bungalows (see last post) and split-level designs tend to be more modern, whereas the two-storey designs tend to lean towards the traditional-style. The high ranch designs are a bit of a hybrid between the two. HIGH RANCH DESIGNS There are only a few high ranch designs that were built by Minto during this time. They all have a garage located on the lower level. The Marlborough is one of Minto's largest and widest high ranch designs with 5 bedrooms. Of note is the 2-car garage on the lower level. The Saguenay and Seville are virtually the same plan, but with slightly different fa├žades.  SPLIT-LEVEL DESIGNS Minto's split-level designs in Beacon Hill North come in a variety of layouts, including back-split and side