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Anatomy of a Plan - Campeau's Sprawling Side-Split Designs

During the 1960s and 1970s Campeau built a number of related designs of large and sprawling side-split houses.  The designs are based on a common side-split layout from the time with the main living spaces located half a flight above the entry level and the bedrooms another half-flight above, usually over the garage. Below is the rare Madison plan, c. 1968, by Campeau that has a typical side-split design common in the 1960s. What differs with the Campeau's designs that this post will focus on is that there is a ground level bedroom/den on the entry level where a garage would typically be located, and the garage is pushed further out to the side. The result is a commodious bedroom level above. The earliest iteration of the plan is the Bonnechere that first appeared c. 1967. In this version c. 1968 the ground level bathroom is moved to a space behind the garage and making the den large enough to be titled as a "bedroom". This version c. 19