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Unique Teron plan

You may have noticed that I have not posted for a while - yikes! I have recently started my studies towards a PhD, and have my hands full with readings. I will be sure to incorporate my studies into this blog. To keep your mid-century modern appetite in check, I will make an effort to post unique and rare floor plans regularly.  Below is a floor plan by Teron that was built in Beaverbrook - although not extensively. Interestingly, there is another B-50 plan that was built in the area that is a completely different design. I quite like the unusual floor plan with a bedroom wing that juts out behind the house.  Notice that there are very few windows on the front of the house, which is a common design feature of mid-century modern design. Privacy is clearly the motivation of the layout with windows that overlook the rear yard. Even the bedrooms are situated in a way that affords the master bedroom the buffer of the bathrooms, as well as having its window face in the op