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Carriage Homes and Other Variations on a Theme

I apologize for not posting regularly, but it has been a very busy semester with school. The following post is quite long and chocked full of interesting plans, so enjoy! But first...a special thank you to a reader who inspired me to create this blog posting! Carriage Homes and Other Variations on a Theme In 1970 Costain unveiled their "Carriage Home" designs in Blackburn Hamlet. These designs present a unique variation on townhouse design, where the houses are only linked together by the garage. By having the units separated by the garage, each house can have a completely different facade style. The garages have doors on the back, which allows for direct access to rear yards - and thus removing the need for easements and right-of-ways with other townhouse designs. Additionally, being only attached by the garage is a great noise buffer between adjacent houses. Some of the carriage home designs also have rooms over the garage. Below are a series of Costa