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1977 Parade of Homes

In 1977, twelve Ottawa builders got together and created a parade of 17 homes in Barrhaven. Both large builders and smaller custom builders showcased the best of their designs. While some of the designs were built in great numbers elsewhere in the city, some of the houses are one-of-a-kind. Below are a series of pages from the brochure that was published for the parade. Aside from the two built for the Parade of Homes (the plans above and below), one other pair was built On Westcliffe Road in Bell's Corners, in between two other pairs of similar-styled houses. Here is the pair built for the Parade of Homes. The left house has turned the garage into a room. This design was actually built en-masse in Bridlewood (Kanata). Campeau built this design in Rolling Meadows (Barrhaven) and Katimavik (Kanata). I am a fan of the brick fins around the windows. Campeau also built this design in Rolling Meadows (Barrhaven) and Katimavik (Kanata). The Courtney mo

Fifty feet of floor plans!

I was admiring my floor plan collection over the long weekend and I wondered how high the pile would be if I laid each plan flat, one on top of the other. The answer: 50 feet! And that is not including the 4 feet worth of floor plan books and all of the digital files of scanned plans I have - probably another 4 feet. In addition, I have about 2 feet worth of my own floor plans which I have been drawing as a hobby for the past 20 years. So, really it is close to 60 feet worth of floor plans. That is roughly as tall as the Central Chambers building at the corner of Elgin Street and Queen Street. That is a lot of floor plans! But I love them and am constantly on the hunt to find more. If you know of anyone who has floor plans from the 1980s or older that they want to donate to my collection (or at least let me make copies) - please let me know!

Favourite Plans - Blackburn Hamlet & Orleans

 I did not forget you east enders! This latest instalment of my favourite (and most interesting) plans will focus on Blackburn Hamlet and Orleans. Blackburn Hamlet: This plan has a uniquely located family room facing the front, which does allow for a bedroom on the ground level behind the garage - which is where the family room is usually located with these designs. This design has a master bedroom suite on a level all to its own.  We have all heard that "it is not the size that matters, it is how you use it". Well, in this case, this house is all about the size AND how it is used. Check out the size of the family room at 26'8 x 13'2. It is huge!  Just when you thought the family room in the Crimson King was huge, this plan up sizes the room to  27' x 13'3. A couple of inches can make a difference! I love the squarish and simple footprint of this house.  If you have ever ventured down Compata W