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Minto in the 1970s

Two areas that Minto built in during the 1970s are Barrhaven (Barrhaven Common) and Orleans (Orleans wood). While on the tail-end of the mid-century modern era, they are remarkably interesting plans. There is also 14 of the detached house designs that were built on Lanark and Premier Avenues in Westboro (next to the Metropole). The exteriors of most of the plans are a contemporary by-product of earlier mid-century modern design. The Semi-Detached Plans: I have always liked the asymmetrical roof line of this design. The main floor bedroom was unusual for the time. The living room has a vaulted ceiling. This plan has a 'sewing room' or loft space on the second floor. Today this space is probably used as a computer nook. This is a nicely laid-out bungalow semi-detached house. The Detached Plans: This plan is almost the same as the Avignon, but with a few slight variations. I love the roof line on this design.